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I’m a composer and singer/songwriter, and I release music through Lost Map Records, based on the Isle of Eigg.

My first album was Limbs & Digits in 2009, then Landing in 2012, then a gap until Closing, which Lauren Laverne picked as one of her Best of 2016. I also write music about health and medicine, usually based on interviews or workshops with other people. These pieces have so far been about hospital-induced delirium (Delirium Pts 1 and 2), voice-hearing (The Isle Is Full of Noises) and chronic respiratory disorders (Singing Hospital). I’m currently releasing new a series of postcards through Lost Map with hopes of an album some time in 2020.

I also run the Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance; before that I ran arts-in-health projects in South Africa for five years, and before that I was an arts manager in NHS hospitals for 15 years. I’m a Research Associate in the medical humanities at WiSER (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg) and have a Masters in Music and Health Communication focused on hospital-induced delirium. Get in touch via the form below…

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